[ sig-nit ]
/ ˈsɪg nɪt /
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a young swan.
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Origin of cygnet

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English signet, from Latin cygnus, variant of cycnus, from Greek kýknos “swan”; see -et

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What does cygnet mean?

A cygnet is a young swan.

The word cygnet is a general term for a young swan that’s used in the same way that the word duckling is used to refer to a young duck or the word gosling is used to refer to a young goose.

There are several different kinds of swans, including the mute swan, trumpeter swan, tundra swan, and whooper swan. The young of any swan species can be called cygnets.

Example: The ugly duckling in the fairy tale was actually a cygnet—ducklings don’t turn into swans, you know.

Where does cygnet come from?

The first records of the word cygnet come from the 1400s. It comes from the Latin cygnus, from the Greek kýknos, meaning “swan.” This Latin root serves as the genus name for swans, as well as the name of the swan-shaped constellation Cygnus. The ending -et is used in nouns to indicate smallness. It’s used in the names of other young birds, as well, such as in eaglet (a young eagle) and owlet (a young owl). Baby swans can be called swanlings, but that term is very rare compared to cygnet.

People who don’t know their birds might see a cygnet and casually call it a duckling. But swans are not ducks—they’re much bigger than most ducks, and cygnets are often a bit larger than ducklings. Cygnets reach adulthood after about one year.

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How is cygnet used in real life?

Cygnet as a technical name for a young swan isn’t as well known as words like duckling or gosling, so it’s most often used by people who know a little about birds.



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A cygnet is the same thing as a duckling.

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British Dictionary definitions for cygnet

/ (ˈsɪɡnɪt) /

a young swan

Word Origin for cygnet

C15 sygnett, from Old French cygne swan, from Latin cygnus, from Greek kuknos
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