[ ded-pan ]
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  1. marked by or accomplished with a careful pretense of seriousness or calm detachment; impassive or expressionless: deadpan humor.

  2. displaying no emotional or personal involvement: a deadpan style.

  1. in a deadpan manner: He spoke his lines utterly deadpan.

verb (used with or without object),dead·panned, dead·pan·ning.
  1. to behave or perform in a deadpan manner.

nounAlso dead pan .
  1. a face showing no expression.

  2. a style of comedy that relies on the comedian's maintaining such a face.

Origin of deadpan

An Americanism dating back to 1925–30; dead + pan1 (in the slang sense “face”)

word story For deadpan

Deadpan is an Americanism from the 1920s. Around that time, pan was emerging as a slang term meaning “the face,” probably due to a similarity in shape to a frying pan. When your face is deadpan, it's expressionless, as if you were dead.

Other words from deadpan

  • dead panner, noun

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/ (ˈdɛdˌpæn) /

adjective, adverb
  1. with a deliberately emotionless face or manner: deadpan humour

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