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[ dek-luh-rey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of declaring; announcement:

    a declaration of a dividend.

  2. a positive, explicit, or formal statement; proclamation:

    a declaration of war.

  3. something that is announced, avowed, or proclaimed.
  4. a document embodying or displaying an announcement or proclamation:

    He posted the declaration in a public place.

    Synonyms: edict, manifesto, bulletin, notice

  5. Law.
    1. a formal statement presenting the plaintiff's claim in an action.
    2. a complaint.
    3. a statement, especially by a witness.
    4. a statement made to an official.
  6. Cards.
    1. Bridge. a bid, especially the successful bid.
    2. the statement during the game of the points earned by a player, in bezique or other games.
  7. a statement of goods, income, etc., especially for the assessment of duty, tax, or the like.


/ ˌdɛkləˈreɪʃən /


  1. an explicit or emphatic statement
  2. a formal statement or announcement; proclamation
  3. the act of declaring
  4. the ruling of a judge or court on a question of law, esp in the chancery division of the High Court
  5. law an unsworn statement of a witness admissible in evidence under certain conditions See also statutory declaration
  6. cricket the voluntary closure of an innings before all ten wickets have fallen
  7. contract bridge the final contract
  8. a statement or inventory of goods, etc, submitted for tax assessment

    a customs declaration

  9. cards an announcement of points made after taking a trick, as in bezique

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Other Words From

  • counter·decla·ration noun
  • nondec·la·ration noun
  • predec·la·ration noun
  • redec·la·ration noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of declaration1

1300–50; Middle English declaracioun (< Anglo-French ) < Latin dēclārātiōn- (stem of dēclārātiō ) explanation, equivalent to dēclārāt ( us ) (past participle of dēclārāre to explain, declare; -ate 1 ) + -iōn- -ion
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Example Sentences

Which, of course, I recognize that at no point in volume one do they make any explicitly romantic declarations.

From Vox

Now, the tides have turned toward quieter declarations of identity, particularly as young people embrace more fluid expressions of sexuality and gender.

From Time

He has not made similar declarations about employee vaccines, but emphasized the value of employee vaccinations in a video address Monday.

We’ve also been hearing declarations that a “science of reading” proves that employing phonics in a particular war is the best and right path to teach young children how to read.

The declaration makes it illegal for US citizens to own Xiaomi stock.

Apart from the video, the Saraya Al-Khorasani group has made no official declaration that it is linked to Taghavi.

A declaration of candidacy signed by Cuomo was in the trunk of his car.

Thanks to that meddling Franklin and the other editors, Jefferson thought his Declaration had been “mangled.”

The tone of the declaration is radically different from “A few sentences.”

The declaration adopted by the meeting was a bold step, but it did not a revolution make.

So he bore down on the solemn declaration that she stood face to face with a prison term for perjury.

Huxley quotes with satirical gusto Dr. Wace's declaration as to the word "Infidel."

On the third day after the declaration of his recall, Ripperda took his official leave, and presented his son in his new office.

Through what ages has that declaration, not to be denied, ascended to cold and cruel skies?

The declaration of war, or cessation thereof, used to be proclaimed in the market by the High Bailiff.





declarantDeclaration of Independence