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[ dih-pahr-cher ]


  1. an act or instance of departing:

    the time of departure; a hasty departure.

    Synonyms: leave-taking, exit, going, leaving

  2. divergence or deviation, as from a standard, rule, etc.:

    a departure from accepted teaching methods.

  3. Navigation.
    1. the distance due east or west traveled by a vessel or aircraft.
  4. Surveying. the length of the projection, on the east-west reference line, of a survey line.
  5. Archaic. death.


/ dɪˈpɑːtʃə /


  1. the act or an instance of departing
  2. a deviation or variation from previous custom; divergence
  3. a project, course of action, venture, etc

    selling is a new departure for him

  4. nautical
    1. the net distance travelled due east or west by a vessel
    2. Also calledpoint of departure the latitude and longitude of the point from which a vessel calculates dead reckoning
  5. a euphemistic word for death

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Other Words From

  • nonde·parture noun
  • prede·parture noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of departure1

1375–1425; late Middle English < Old French departëure; compare Anglo-French departir (noun use of infinitive). See depart, -ure

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Example Sentences

Prior to their departure, workers at the center run the mail through large sorting machines to separate out which mail should go where.

At first, the new approach did not seem to lead to any important departures from the standard predictions.

Reshape the economy away from work-based valueOne of the greatest challenges in a departure from work is for people to find value elsewhere in life.

His departure followed an investigation commissioned by the district that stemmed from a series of internal complaints among the staff.

After spending two months on leave, he negotiated a departure deal in April this year that included 10 months’ pay, or $147,000, district records show.

The poet apparently collapsed in the street upon his departure from “The Horse” and died not long after.

But while his departure was “inexpressibly painful,” he never succumbed to bitterness.

And in a big departure from established royal protocol, Prince George might even get a—gasp—present to open on Christmas Day.

Now, the departure of 70-year-old Jeffries seems 10 years too late.

Taking to the small screen represents a big departure by Pippa from the Royal party line.

He explains the late departure of the ships for Nueva España, and the consequent mortality reported on one of them.

It was near the hour, by the time they got there, when David Arden would arrive from his northern point of departure.

He bowed, with a flourish of his plumed hat, and would with that have taken his departure but that the Seneschal stayed him.

His departure in autumn had been so gradual, that it was difficult to say when night began to overcome the day.

The issue of government paper money is, indeed, a new departure; but its purpose has been more distinctly monetary than fiscal.





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