[ dis-ahr-ming ]
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  1. removing or capable of removing hostility, suspicion, etc., as by being charming: a disarming smile.

Origin of disarming

First recorded in 1540–50; disarm + -ing2

Other words for disarming

Other words from disarming

  • dis·arm·ing·ly, adverb

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How to use disarming in a sentence

  • Pink reached for a toothpick, eyeing Andy side-long; dimpled his cheeks disarmingly, and cleared his throat.

    Flying U Ranch | B. M. Bower
  • Even so, the relation between the soul and the gland was absolutely unintelligible, as Descartes disarmingly confessed.

    Theodicy | G. W. Leibniz
  • She pushed back her sun-bonnet and with it a mass of red-brown hair that curled damply on her forehead, and smiled disarmingly.

    Cow-Country | B. M. Bower
  • Then suddenly Pierce smiled, his young face disarmingly innocent and merry.

  • Indeed, the glance which met his own seemed to Orme to be disarmingly good-natured.

    The Girl and The Bill | Bannister Merwin

British Dictionary definitions for disarming


/ (dɪsˈɑːmɪŋ) /

  1. tending to neutralize or counteract hostility, suspicion, etc

Derived forms of disarming

  • disarmingly, adverb

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