[ diz-muhl ]
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  1. causing gloom or dejection; gloomy; dreary; cheerless; melancholy: dismal weather.

  2. characterized by ineptness or lack of skill, competence, effectiveness, imagination, or interest; pitiful: Our team played a dismal game.

  1. Obsolete.

    • disastrous; calamitous.

    • unlucky; sinister.

  1. Southern U.S. a tract of swampy land, usually along the coast.

Origin of dismal

First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English dismale “unlucky time,” dismol day one of two days in each month considered unlucky (hence later taken as adjective), from Anglo-French dis mal, from Medieval Latin diēs malī, literally, “evil days”; cf. diary, mal-

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Other words from dismal

  • dis·mal·ly, adverb
  • dis·mal·ness, dis·mal·i·ty, noun

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/ (ˈdɪzməl) /

  1. causing gloom or depression

  2. causing dismay or terror

  1. of poor quality or a low standard; feeble

Origin of dismal

C13: from dismal (noun) list of 24 unlucky days in the year, from Medieval Latin diēs malī bad days, from Latin diēs day + malus bad

Derived forms of dismal

  • dismally, adverb
  • dismalness, noun

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