[ dih-ves-ti-cher, -choor, dahy- ]
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  1. the act of divesting.

  2. the state of being divested.

  1. something, as property or investments, that has been divested: to reexamine the company's acquisitions and divestitures.

  2. Also di·ves·ture [dih-ves-cher, -choor, dahy-]. /dɪˈvɛs tʃər, -tʃʊər, daɪ-/. the sale of business holdings or part of a company, especially under legal compulsion.

Origin of divestiture

First recorded in 1595–1605; di-2 + (in)vestiture
  • Also di·vest·ment [dih-vest-muhnt, dahy-] /dɪˈvɛst mənt, daɪ-/ .

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Cultural definitions for divestiture


[ (deye-ves-tuh-chuhr, deye-ves-tuh-choor) ]

The act of a corporation or conglomerate in getting rid of a subsidiary company or division. In a tactic to pressure South Africa to end apartheid, during the 1980s many Americans and Europeans urged divestiture on corporations doing business in South Africa.

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