[ dos-ee-ey, -ee-er, daw-see-ey, -see-er; French daw-syey ]
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noun,plural dos·si·ers [dos-ee-eyz, -ee-erz, daw-see-eyz, -see-ers; French daw-syey]. /ˈdɒs iˌeɪz, -i ərz, ˈdɔ siˌeɪz, -si ərs; French dɔˈsyeɪ/.
  1. a collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially a complete file containing detailed information about a person or topic.

Origin of dossier

1875–80; <French: bundle of documents with a label attached to the back or spine, equivalent to dos (<Latin dorsum) back + -ier-ier2

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/ (ˈdɒsɪˌeɪ, -sɪə, French dosje) /

  1. a collection of papers containing information on a particular subject or person

Origin of dossier

C19: from French: a file with a label on the back, from dos back, from Latin dorsum

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