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[ dram-uh-tahyz, drah-muh- ]

verb (used with object)

, dram·a·tized, dram·a·tiz·ing.
  1. to put into a form suitable for acting on a stage.
  2. to express or represent vividly, emotionally, or strikingly:

    He dramatizes his woes with sobs and sighs.

verb (used without object)

, dram·a·tized, dram·a·tiz·ing.
  1. to express oneself in a dramatic or exaggerated way.


/ ˈdræməˌtaɪz /


  1. tr to put into dramatic form
  2. to express or represent (something) in a dramatic or exaggerated way

    he dramatizes his illness

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Derived Forms

  • ˈdramaˌtizable, adjective
  • ˈdramaˌtizer, noun

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Other Words From

  • drama·tiza·ble adjective
  • drama·tizer noun
  • over·drama·tize verb overdramatized overdramatizing
  • un·drama·tiza·ble adjective
  • un·drama·tized adjective
  • well-drama·tized adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dramatize1

1770–80; < Greek drāmat- ( dramatic ) + -ize

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Example Sentences

Such a large and various cast reflects the scope of a book whose project seems nothing short of dramatizing one of the world’s most unyielding conflicts in a way that shows all sides and takes none.

The goal is to dramatize the former president’s incitement role in a way that even GOP senators cannot avoid grappling with.

A plunge into this often-fatal inextricability is most fully dramatized by the novella that concludes the book.

Iceberg Slim is just one of the characters that each chapter uses to dramatize its arguments.

A covid-19 chart that’s been shared thousands of times is dramatizing just how well vaccines against the disease can work and how we might get out of pandemic hell.

The American Apparel adverts are deemed tacky and offensive because they dramatize, brazenly, the sex-drenched time we live in.

It's difficult to imagine anyone better equipped to dramatize these questions than the show's creators.

Because it's too cautious to dramatize real problems and too reductive to tackle them realistically.

Fosse uses poetic dialogue, with rhythmic repetitions and silences, to dramatize life and loneliness.

Drutman goes on the dramatize this elite in a number of ways and to slice and dice the data similarly.

The annual festivities and mysteries will be discussed together because both were intended to dramatize the same beliefs.

It was perfectly natural that he should stage his first love-affair, and when he was jilted that he should dramatize his despair.

Any author may reserve the right to translate or to dramatize his own work.

She did not even attempt to dramatize herself as the good angel.

How did it happen that she did not attempt to dramatize herself with Lindaberry?


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