[ duhf ]
/ dʌf /

verb (used with object) Slang.

to give a deliberately deceptive appearance to; misrepresent; fake.
British. (in golf) to misplay (a golf ball), especially to misjudge one's swing so that the club strikes the ground behind the ball before hitting it.
  1. to steal (cattle).
  2. (formerly) to alter the brand on (stolen cattle).
to cheat someone.

Origin of duff

1830–40; back formation from duffer, in the slang senses “something inferior or counterfeit” or “a peddler of inferior goods”
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Examples from the Web for duffed

  • Its position rather affected my follow-through, so that I duffed my stroke and lost the hole.

British Dictionary definitions for duffed (1 of 3)

/ (dʌf) /


a thick flour pudding, often flavoured with currants, citron, etc, and boiled in a cloth bagplum duff
up the duff slang pregnant

Word Origin for duff

C19: Northern English variant of dough

British Dictionary definitions for duffed (2 of 3)

/ (dʌf) /

verb (tr)

slang to change the appearance of or give a false appearance to (old or stolen goods); fake
Australian slang to steal (cattle), altering the brand
Also: sclaff golf informal to bungle (a shot) by hitting the ground behind the ball


British informal bad or useless, as by not working out or operating correctly; duda duff idea; a duff engine
See also duff up

Word Origin for duff

C19: probably back formation from duffer

British Dictionary definitions for duffed (3 of 3)

/ (dʌf) /


slang the rump or buttocks

Word Origin for duff

C20: special use of duff 1
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