[ ed-uh-buhl ]
/ ˈɛd ə bəl /
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fit to be eaten as food; eatable; esculent: Are you sure this is edible?


Usually edibles .
  1. an edible substance; food: a basket of fruit, cheeses, and other tasty edibles.
  2. Also called ma·ri·jua·na ed·i·ble [mar-uh-wah-nuh-ed-uh-buhl], /ˌmær əˈwɑ nə ˈɛd ə bəl/, can·na·bis ed·i·ble [kan-uh-bis ed-uh-buhl] /ˈkæn ə bɪs ˈɛd ə bəl/ . a food or drink product that is infused with marijuana and ingested as an alternative to smoking or vaping the drug: The dispensary sells many popular edibles from candies and cookies to ciders and sodas.
  3. Also called CBD ed·i·ble [see-bee-dee-ed-uh-buhl] /ˈsiˈbiˈdi ˈɛd ə bəl/ . a food or drink product that is infused with CBD: Our food co-op just stocked a special display of CBD edibles, including chocolate bars and tea.



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Origin of edible

First recorded in 1605–15; from Late Latin edibilis, equivalent to ed(ere) “to eat” + -ibilis adjective suffix; see origin at eat, -ible
addable, edible
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British Dictionary definitions for edible

/ (ˈɛdɪbəl) /


fit to be eaten; eatable
edibility or edibleness, noun
C17: from Late Latin edibilis, from Latin edere to eat
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