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[em-bree-uh-trof, -trawf]
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noun Embryology.
  1. the nutrient material, composed chiefly of secretions from the uterine glands, degenerating uterine tissue, and substances in the maternal blood, that nourishes a mammalian embryo prior to the formation of the placenta.
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Compare hemotroph.

Origin of embryotroph

From French; see origin at embryo-, hemotroph
Related formsem·bry·o·troph·ic [em-bree-uh-trof-ik, -troh-fik] /ˌɛm bri əˈtrɒf ɪk, -ˈtroʊ fɪk/, adjectiveem·bry·ot·ro·phy [em-bree-o-truh-fee] /ˌɛm briˈɒ trə fi/, noun
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embryotroph in Medicine


(ĕmbrē-ə-trŏf′, trōf′)
  1. The nutritive material that is supplied to the embryo of a placental mammal during development.
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Related formsem′bry•o•trophic (-trŏfĭk, -trōfĭk) adj.
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