[ en-dog-uh-mee ]

  1. marriage within a specific tribe or similar social unit.: Compare exogamy (def. 1).

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Origin of endogamy

First recorded in 1860–65; endo- + -gamy

Other words from endogamy

  • en·dog·a·mous [en-dog-uh-muhs], /ɛnˈdɒg ə məs/, en·do·gam·ic [en-doh-gam-ik], /ˌɛn doʊˈgæm ɪk/, adjective

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How to use endogamy in a sentence

  • Limited exogamy with direct maternal or paternal descent, accordingly, means a reapproach to endogamy.

  • Natural selection has determined that exogamy produces fitter progeny than endogamy.

  • There is no antithesis between endogamy and exogamy; no exogamous "tribes" have been found up to the present time.

  • endogamy and exogamy are forms of the mores in which one of these policies has been adopted to the exclusion of the other.

    Folkways | William Graham Sumner
  • The captured wife was also a trophy, and the play of this fact on vanity would always tend to disintegrate the system of endogamy.

    Folkways | William Graham Sumner

British Dictionary definitions for endogamy


/ (ɛnˈdɒɡəmɪ) /

  1. anthropol marriage within one's own tribe or similar unit: Compare exogamy (def. 1)

  2. pollination between two flowers on the same plant

Derived forms of endogamy

  • endogamous or endogamic (ˌɛndəʊˈɡæmɪk), adjective

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