verb (used with object), en·graved, en·grav·ing.

to chase (letters, designs, etc.) on a hard surface, as of metal, stone, or the end grain of wood: She had the jeweler engrave her name on the back of the watch.
to print from such a surface.
to mark or ornament with incised letters, designs, etc.: He engraved the ring in a floral pattern.
to impress deeply; infix: That image is engraved on my mind.

Origin of engrave

1500–10; < Middle French engraver; see en-1, grave3
Related formsen·grav·a·ble, adjectiveen·grav·er, nounre·en·grave, verb (used with object), re·en·graved, re·en·grav·ing.su·per·en·grave, verb (used with object), su·per·en·graved, su·per·en·grav·ing.un·der·en·grav·er, nounun·en·graved, adjectivewell-en·graved, adjective
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Related Words for engraver

artist, lapidary, sculptor, carver, etcher, lithographer, cutter

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  • Bringing Watkins the engraver back makes a kind of sense, but why Mrs. Piggott as well?

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    Peter Stothard

    January 31, 2010

  • He was known by most as Mr. Blake The Engraver, though by others as the crazy guy with visions.

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    William Blake's Heavenly Imagination

    Chloe Malle

    November 12, 2009

  • William Blake, the eighteenth century poet, illustrator, engraver and mystic, worked from home but lived in his imagination.

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    November 12, 2009

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British Dictionary definitions for engraver


verb (tr)

to inscribe (a design, writing, etc) onto (a block, plate, or other surface used for printing) by carving, etching with acid, or other process
to print (designs or characters) from a printing plate so made
to fix deeply or permanently in the mind
Derived Formsengraver, noun

Word Origin for engrave

C16: from en- 1 + grave ³, on the model of French engraver
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Word Origin and History for engraver

1580s, agent noun from engrave.



late 15c. (implied in ingraved), from en- (1) + obsolete verb grave "carve" (see grave (v.)). Related: Engraved; engraving.

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