[ verb es-tuh-meyt; noun es-tuh-mit, -meyt ]
/ verb 藞蓻s t蓹藢me瑟t; noun 藞蓻s t蓹 m瑟t, -藢me瑟t /
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Definition of estimate

verb (used with object), es路ti路mat路ed, es路ti路mat路ing.
to form an approximate judgment or opinion regarding the worth, amount, size, weight, etc., of; calculate approximately: to estimate the cost of a college education.
to form an opinion of; judge.
verb (used without object), es路ti路mat路ed, es路ti路mat路ing.
to make an estimate.
an approximate judgment or calculation, as of the value, amount, time, size, or weight of something.
a judgment or opinion, as of the qualities of a person or thing.
a statement of the approximate charge for work to be done, submitted by a person or business firm ready to undertake the work.
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Origin of estimate

1525鈥35; <Latin aestim膩tus, past participle of aestim膩re to value, estimate; see -ate1


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How to use estimate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for estimate


verb (藞蓻st瑟藢me瑟t)
to form an approximate idea of (distance, size, cost, etc); calculate roughly; gauge
(tr; may take a clause as object) to form an opinion about; judgeto estimate one's chances
to submit (an approximate price) for (a job) to a prospective client
(tr) statistics to assign a value (a point estimate) or range of values (an interval estimate) to a parameter of a population on the basis of sampling statisticsSee estimator
noun (藞蓻st瑟m瑟t)

Derived forms of estimate

estimative, adjective

Word Origin for estimate

C16: from Latin aestim膩re to assess the worth of, of obscure origin
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