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verb (used with object)
  1. to cut, bite, or corrode with an acid or the like; engrave with an acid or the like, as to form a design in furrows that when charged with ink will give an impression on paper.
  2. to produce (a design, image, etc.) by this method, as on copper or glass.
  3. to outline clearly or sharply; delineate, as a person's features or character.
  4. to fix permanently in or implant firmly on the mind; root in the memory: Our last conversation is etched in my memory.
  5. Geology. to cut (a feature) into the surface of the earth by means of erosion: A deep canyon was etched into the land by the river's rushing waters.
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verb (used without object)
  1. to practice the art of etching.
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  1. Printing. an acid used for etching.
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Origin of etch

1625–35; < Dutch etsen < German ätzen to etch, orig. cause to eat; cognate with Old English ettan to graze; akin to eat
Related formsetch·er, nounun·etched, adjective
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artist, lapidary, sculptor, carver, etcher, lithographer, cutter

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Historical Examples of etcher

  • All this work is varied according to the wishes of the etcher.

    The Building of a Book


  • Vitr is made for the etcher; endless and wondrous are the subjects for his needle.


    Mortimer Menpes and Dorothy Menpes

  • Levon West, the etcher, once attended Glen Ullin high school.

  • A painter and a colorist, 52 in this book he displays his genius as an etcher.

  • He was an etcher too, and some of his plates are still preserved.

British Dictionary definitions for etcher


  1. (tr) to wear away the surface of (a metal, glass, etc) by chemical action, esp the action of an acid
  2. to cut or corrode (a design, decoration, etc) on (a metal or other plate to be used for printing) by using the action of acid on parts not covered by wax or other acid-resistant coating
  3. (tr) to cut with or as if with a sharp implementhe etched his name on the table
  4. (tr; usually passive) to imprint vividlythe event was etched on her memory
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Derived Formsetcher, noun

Word Origin for etch

C17: from Dutch etsen, from Old High German azzen to feed, bite
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Word Origin and History for etcher



1630s, "to engrave by eating away the surface of with acids," from Dutch etsen, from German ätzen "to etch," from Old High German azzon "cause to bite, feed," from Proto-Germanic *atjanan, causative of *etanan "eat" (see eat). Related: Etched; etching.

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