ex post facto

[eks pohst fak-toh]


from or by subsequent action; subsequently; retrospectively; retroactively.


having retroactive force; made or done subsequently: an ex post facto law.

Origin of ex post facto

1625–35; < Latin: from a thing done afterward, from what is done afterward
Can be confusedad hoc a posteriori a priori ex post facto prima facie
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ex post facto


having retrospective effectan ex post facto law

Word Origin for ex post facto

C17: from Latin ex from + post afterwards + factus done, from facere to do
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Word Origin and History for ex post facto

from Medieval Latin ex postfacto, "from what is done afterwards."

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ex post facto

[(eks pohst fak-toh)]

An explanation or regulation concocted after the event, sometimes misleading or unjust: “Your ex post facto defense won't stand up in court.” (See ex post facto law.) From Latin, meaning “after the deed.”

ex post facto

[(eks pohst fak-toh)]

A descriptive term for an explanation or a law that is made up after an event and then applied to it: “The chairman's description of his plan sounds like an ex post facto attempt to justify an impulsive action.” Ex post facto is Latin for “from after the deed.”

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