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[ ig-zakt ]


  1. strictly accurate or correct:

    an exact likeness; an exact description.

    Antonyms: imprecise

  2. precise, as opposed to approximate:

    the exact sum; the exact date.

    Antonyms: imprecise

  3. admitting of no deviation, as laws or discipline; strict or rigorous.

    Synonyms: unbending, severe, rigid

  4. capable of the greatest precision:

    exact instruments.

  5. characterized by or using strict accuracy:

    an exact thinker.

    Synonyms: scrupulous, demanding, punctilious, careful, methodical

  6. Mathematics. (of a differential equation) noting that the collection of all terms, equated to zero, is an exact differential.

verb (used with object)

  1. to call for, demand, or require:

    to exact respect from one's children.

  2. to force or compel the payment, yielding, or performance of:

    to exact money; to exact tribute from a conquered people.

    Synonyms: wring


/ ɪɡˈzækt /


  1. correct in every detail; strictly accurate

    an exact copy

  2. precise, as opposed to approximate; neither more nor less

    the exact sum

  3. prenominal specific; particular

    this exact spot

  4. operating with very great precision

    exact instruments

  5. allowing no deviation from a standard; rigorous; strict

    an exact mind

  6. based mainly on measurement and the formulation of laws, as opposed to description and classification

    physics is an exact science


  1. to force or compel (payment or performance); extort

    to exact tribute

  2. to demand as a right; insist upon

    to exact respect from one's employees

  3. to call for or require

    this work exacts careful effort

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Derived Forms

  • exˈactor, noun
  • exˈactable, adjective
  • exˈactness, noun

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Other Words From

  • ex·acta·ble adjective
  • ex·acter ex·actor noun
  • ex·actness noun
  • nonex·acta·ble adjective
  • preex·act adjective verb (used with object)
  • quasi-ex·act adjective
  • quasi-ex·actly adverb
  • unex·acted adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of exact1

First recorded in 1525–45; late Middle English exacten (verb), from Latin exāctus (past participle of exigere “drive out, thrust out”), equivalent to ex- ex- 1 + ag(ere) “to drive” + -tus past participle suffix

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Word History and Origins

Origin of exact1

C16: from Latin exactus driven out, from exigere to drive forth, from agere to drive

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Synonym Study

See extract.

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Example Sentences

He would not disclose the exact revenue earned or how much these partnerships contribute to the publisher’s overall revenue breakdown.

From Digiday

It’s not clear what the exact nature of the Daily Caller story was other than Weaver in the aftermath of him taking medical leave.

At that moment I realized that not everybody has the exact same perspective, not everybody has the exact same upbringing or the exact same privileged and fortunate life that I had.

From Ozy

At several points in the book, Ruffin interrupts the humor to acknowledge that many of her family’s experiences, when totaled up this way, exact a heavy burden.

Only three points, to be exact, rather than the seven or eight Kansas City surely would have preferred, but kicker Harrison Butker did well to connect from 52 yards out.

And by the time an airplane was in the water, its exact position would be known.

He will tell you why became a cop with the exact same words used by DePrimo and many of their fellow officers.

Behind him stood a flock of fifth-grade boys—and two second-grade girls—all of them wearing the exact same yellow hat.

Cooper had little Alexis pose for a picture on the exact spot there Garner was pinned.

While difficult to estimate exact numbers, thousands of Americans die every year because of delayed or denied claims.

As company after company appeared, we were able to form a pretty exact estimate of their numbers.

A method of Vacuity pure and simple—the exact opposite of Mental Assimilation.

That was not the exact word that he used, but he expressed it by beating his tail against the table and giving a long howl.

Those were not his exact words, but I saw his answer in his eyes, for he had climbed higher and they were close to mine.

Carrying these suggestions to the text, they help fix the exact number of times the word “bells” occurs in each line.


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