[ ek-ser-sahyz ]
/ 藞蓻k s蓹r藢sa瑟z /
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verb (used with object), ex路er路cised, ex路er路cis路ing.
verb (used without object), ex路er路cised, ex路er路cis路ing.
to go through exercises; take bodily exercise.
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Origin of exercise

1300鈥50; Middle English (noun) <Middle French exercice<Latin exercitium, equivalent to exercit(us) past participle of exerc膿re to train (ex-ex-1 + -ercit-, stem of combining form of arc膿re to restrain) + -ium noun suffix

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2. Exercise, drill, practice refer to activities undertaken for training in some skill. Exercise is the most general term and may be either physical or mental: an exercise in arithmetic. Drill is disciplined repetition of set exercises, often performed in a group, directed by a leader: military drill. Practice is repeated or methodical exercise: Even great musicians require constant practice.



exercise , exorcise
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What does exercise mean?

Exercise is energetic physical or mental effort, usually for health or betterment, such as running or doing crossword puzzles.

An exercise is an action that you do repeatedly to strengthen yourself or to get better at it. Push-ups are exercises you do to strengthen your body. Grammar exercises are often sentences you correct the grammar of to improve your understanding of grammar.

To exercise means to practice the action, as in My doctor wants me to exercise more so that I will be healthier.

Example: It has been difficult to fit in time for exercise lately.

Where does exercise come from?

The first records of the term exercise come from the 1300s. It ultimately comes from the Latin exercitium.

While most often, we talk about exercising our bodies and minds, exercise can be used to describe many other kinds of activities. For example, when you exercise your right to vote, you put into practice or use a right that you have. When you exercise good judgment by having only one slice of cake, you are using good judgment. When you perform your duties as class president, you are exercising your duties. All of these senses relate to performing or practicing an action.

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What are some other forms related to exercise?聽

  • exercisable (adjective)
  • overexercise (verb)
  • postexercise (adjective)
  • unexercised (adjective)
  • well-exercised (adjective)

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How is exercise used in real life?

Exercise is a common word most often used to talk about physical activity.



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A. action
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C. workout
D. rest

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British Dictionary definitions for exercise

/ (藞蓻ks蓹藢sa瑟z) /

verb (mainly tr)

Derived forms of exercise

exercisable, adjective

Word Origin for exercise

C14: from Old French exercice, from Latin exercitium, from exerc膿re to drill, from ex- 1 + arc膿re to ward off
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