[ ik-sting-gwi-sher ]


  1. a person or thing that extinguishes.
  2. an instrument consisting of a cone-shaped cup attached to a handle or the end of a pole, for extinguishing a candle by momentarily closing off the burning wick from the air.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of extinguisher1

First recorded in 1550–60; extinguish + -er 1

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Example Sentences

We talked about the Bucks potentially doing something like that before the Nets series — using Jrue as a sort-of fire extinguisher.

In the aftermath of the attack, authorities reported art and furniture with historical value was damaged, a 19th-century gold mirror was smashed, and residue from gas agents and fire extinguishers was left behind.

Many restauranteurs in Little Italy said the fire department has been kind and inspectors visit every few days, asking them to make changes like adding a fire extinguisher or checking that stormwater drains aren’t blocked.

So fire officials made rounds letting businesses know they needed to add a fire extinguisher or that they can’t use heaters inside tents, for instance.

When questioned by the police, the suspects reportedly copped to obtaining expired and empty fire extinguishers, recasting them, and selling them for about $180 each.

One security guard reported that the fire extinguisher failed to work when he tried to douse the flames.

Cuccinelli helped the driver out of the cab of the truck and then went in search of a fire extinguisher.

Tupac was 17 or 18 years old when he stopped me from hitting this guy over the head with a fire extinguisher.

If one device overheats in a passenger cabin, that fire can be readily handled with an extinguisher.

A War Office extinguisher from under which only a few evil-smelling phrases escape.

That fellow in a tall extinguisher cap made of lamb's wool is a Persian.

I gave my man his guinea, and after dousing his link in a great iron extinguisher at the side of the door, he sped happily away.

A tin-plate cover which fits easily over the whole lamp serves as an extinguisher.

The serviceman had come out and collected it, clucking in dismay at the mess the extinguisher had left.