[ ig-zood, ik-sood ]
/ ɪgˈzud, ɪkˈsud /

verb (used without object), ex·ud·ed, ex·ud·ing.

to come out gradually in drops, as sweat, through pores or small openings; ooze out.

verb (used with object), ex·ud·ed, ex·ud·ing.

to send out, as sweat; emit through pores or small openings.
to project or display conspicuously or abundantly; radiate: to exude cheerfulness.

Origin of exude

1565–75; < Latin ex(s)ūdāre, equivalent to ex- ex-1 + sūdāre to sweat

Related forms

non·ex·ud·ing, adjectiveun·ex·ud·ed, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for exude


/ (ɪɡˈzjuːd) /


to release or be released through pores, incisions, etc, as sweat from the body or sap from trees
(tr) to make apparent by mood or behaviourhe exuded confidence

Word Origin for exude

C16: from Latin exsūdāre, from sūdāre to sweat
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Medicine definitions for exude


[ ĭg-zōōd, ĭk-sōōd ]


To ooze or pass gradually out of a body structure or tissue.
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