[ ig-zuhlt ]
/ ɪgˈzʌlt /
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verb (used without object)
to show or feel a lively or triumphant joy; rejoice exceedingly; be highly elated or jubilant: They exulted over their victory.
Obsolete. to leap, especially for joy.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of exult

1560–70; <Latin ex(s)ultāre to leap up, equivalent to ex-ex-1 + -sultāre (combining form of saltāre to leap)


ex·ult·ing·ly, adverbself-ex·ult·ing, adjective


exalt, exult
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What does exult mean?

Exult means to express or experience triumph or happiness, as in The gambler always exults after winning the big jackpot. 

Exult can be confused for the similarly spelled word exalt. Exalt has several meanings, including to elevate in rank, power or quality and to praise.

Example: Your project winning a national contest is something to exult about! 

Where does exult come from?

The first records of exult come from around 1560. It comes from the Latin ex(s)ultāre meaning “to leap up.” A person who is exulting is figuratively jumping for joy.

Exult is not a common word and less likely to be used than words with similar meanings, such as rejoice, cheer, or celebrate. When used, exult refers only to positive feelings and reactions, not negative ones such as sadness, anger, or fear.

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How is exult used in real life?

Exult is not a commonly used word. It more often appears in quotes of religious texts or is misused for the word exalt.

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Is exult used correctly in the following sentence?

The proud coach exulted over the gymnast’s gold medal.

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British Dictionary definitions for exult

/ (ɪɡˈzʌlt) /

verb (intr)
to be joyful or jubilant, esp because of triumph or success; rejoice
(often foll by over) to triumph (over); show or take delight in the defeat or discomfiture (of)

Derived forms of exult

exultation (ˌɛɡzʌlˈteɪʃən), nounexultingly, adverb

Word Origin for exult

C16: from Latin exsultāre to jump or leap for joy, from saltāre to leap

undefined exult

See exalt
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