or fet·tuc·ci·ni

[ fet-uh-chee-nee; Italian fet-toot-chee-ne ]

nounItalian Cooking.
  1. a type of pasta in long, wide, flat strips.: Compare linguine.

Origin of fettuccine

First recorded in 1910–15; from Italian, plural of fettuccina, diminutive of fettuccia, diminutive of fetta “slice, ribbon,” from offetta (unattested), Latin off(a) “flour cake, lump of food” + Italian -etta diminutive suffix (see -ette)

usage note For fettuccine

See zucchini.

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How to use fettuccine in a sentence

  • No, what I really go for is: there's a little trattoria on the Via della Scrofa where you get the best fettuccine in the world.

    Babbitt | Sinclair Lewis