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[ fawr-bair, fohr- ]


  1. Usually forebears. ancestors; forefathers.


/ ˈfɔːˌbɛə /


  1. an ancestor; forefather

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Word History and Origins

Origin of forebear1

1425–75; Middle English (Scots), equivalent to fore- fore- + -bear “being,” variant of beer; be, -er 1

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Example Sentences

Some of the people running those farms came from so many generations that they could point to the sites of their forebears’ land-working going back over four centuries.

Dubbed xenobots after their animal forebear, they could move independently, push objects, and even team up to create swarms.

In my research as a historian of medicine, I’ve seen again and again the many ways our current pandemic has mirrored the one experienced by our forebears a century ago.

It’s been said that every movie eventually becomes a documentary, if only to show succeeding generations the ways their forebears behaved, what they valued and how they thought about life.

The lamprey is one of a handful of animals that exist on the boundary between vertebrates and our invertebrate forebears.

I think they could learn something from their pioneering forebear.

The results are in and Homo habilis, our primate forebear, has won another round.

The forebear surely would have been horrified that the alleged perpetrator of the resulting slaughter was of his own blood.

Hills star Lauren Conrad just published her first novel but is it worthy of her literary forebear Joseph Conrad?

The shield and helmet of one of Brittanys dukes of the Montfort line, Annes immediate forebear, adorn the gable of the main faade.

"I didn't wait to get an umbrella," Missy couldn't forebear commenting, slightly slurring the truth.

Many other reasons and facts we might mention, but we forebear.

He remembered the repeated injunctions of his great forebear who had lived and died in the Susan Road beside the gasworks.

Papers there record that my forebear, Cyril Spink, had his doubts at the time.


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