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[ fawr-ground ]


  1. the ground or parts situated, or represented as situated, in the front; the portion of a scene or picture nearest to the viewer ( background ).
  2. a prominent or important position; forefront.

verb (used with object)

  1. to put in the foreground:

    The fact that the central character is Italian is not foregrounded.


/ ˈfɔːˌɡraʊnd /


  1. the part of a scene situated towards the front or nearest to the viewer
  2. the area of space in a perspective picture, depicted as nearest the viewer
  3. a conspicuous or active position


  1. tr to emphasize (an issue, idea, or word)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of foreground1

First recorded in 1685–95; fore- + ground 1

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Example Sentences

The same restrictions that shut down so many less enchanting pastimes created space for this one, nudging the delightful creatures that had always been present—chipping and singing, sand bathing, and nesting—into the foreground.

From Quartz

More haunting than her seemingly lifeless body are the three looming figures in the foreground, spectators to her attack.

From Vox

When you scroll resources such as large images off-screen in the foreground tab, Chrome discards the memory those resources used.

Even with Photoshop doing its best to match the colors between the sky and the foreground, this is never going to work—the lighting is off even on Adobe’s official help site.

These issues are likely to come to the foreground after the election is over.

Dan worked hard and made a good picture: mountains, timber, blue sky…and in the foreground a blond girl and a unicorn.

Ladder 118 looks small on the Brooklyn Bridge; in the foreground both towers billow soot.

So of course, we start swimming toward it because I wanted the underwater camera guy to shoot me in the foreground of this shark.

It never was until I started performing live myself that I had to be in the foreground.

Foreground figures in “Street” are wildly out of focus, which is normally a feature that we only see in still photographs.

Nothing will be easier then to throw the Poles into the shade of the picture, or to occupy the foreground with a brilliant review.

But agitation unlocks wayward fancies and sends them scurrying inopportunely across the very foreground of the mind.

In the foreground was a large house of two stories and no architecture whatever, although the roof was mercifully flat.

The scene is very amusing, and most of the interest centres in the foreground, where a coach is seen, about to start.

Sylvan scenes, with a dash of human savagery in the foreground, form the best relief for a too-extended assimilation of books.


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