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[ fawrth-kuhm-ing, fohrth- ]


  1. coming come forth, or about to come forth; about to appear; approaching in time:

    the forthcoming concert.

  2. ready or available when required or expected:

    He assured us that payment would be forthcoming.

  3. frank and cooperative; candid:

    In his testimony, the senator could have been more forthcoming.

  4. friendly and outgoing; sociable.


  1. a coming come forth; appearance.


/ ˌfɔːθˈkʌmɪŋ /


  1. approaching in time

    the forthcoming debate

  2. about to appear

    his forthcoming book

  3. available or ready

    the money wasn't forthcoming

  4. open or sociable

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Derived Forms

  • ˌforthˈcomingness, noun

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Other Words From

  • forthcoming·ness noun
  • unforth·coming adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of forthcoming1

First recorded in 1515–25; forth + coming

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Example Sentences

You’ll more likely end up deeper in debt or scammed with no relief forthcoming.

Walmart’s forthcoming automated ad-buying tool will likely win the brick-and-mortar powerhouse more money from advertisers.

From Digiday

However, Hearst has been less forthcoming in funding its employee resource groups.

From Digiday

A forthcoming book from the academic publisher Polity, called “The Case for a Four-Day Work Week,” argues for it to become the norm versus the exception.

From Digiday

If the pandemic continues through this year, it could mean trouble for many workers and businesses, even if stimulus checks are forthcoming.

CJ Grisham, president of Open Carry Texas (OCT), was more forthcoming.

The identity of the skeleton remains the big question, and answers may not be forthcoming anytime soon.

Even when pressed, the department has been less than forthcoming with specifics on police shootings in the city.

Might as well laugh along with the Griswolds at the forthcoming dysfunction.

It appeared that Baker would again have to face Clark in the forthcoming run-off.

She ignored his very presence, though readily, eagerly forthcoming to the smallest sign from Tony.

He hoped to treat the subject exhaustively in his forthcoming treatise on Ecclesiastical Prosody.

Then he went into the house to start typing up his notes for that forthcoming paper.

It seems that many even of Montague's followers doubted whether the promised two millions would be forthcoming.

It was a comedy on both sides, but it remained a comedy so long as those papers were not forthcoming.


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