[ frey-gruhnt ]
/ ˈfreɪ grənt /


having a pleasant scent or aroma; sweet-smelling; sweet-scented: a fragrant rose.
delightful; pleasant: fragrant memories.

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Origin of fragrant

1400–50; late Middle English < Latin frāgrant- (stem of frāgrāns), present participle of frāgrāre to smell sweet

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/ (ˈfreɪɡrənt) /


having a pleasant or sweet smell
Derived Formsfragrantly, adverb

Word Origin for fragrant

C15: from Latin frāgrāns, from frāgrāre to emit a smell

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Word Origin and History for fragrant



mid-15c., from Latin fragrantem (nominative fragrans) "sweet-smelling," present participle of fragrare "emit (a sweet) odor," from PIE root *bhrag- "to smell" (cf. Middle High German bræhen "to smell," Middle Dutch bracke, Old High German braccho "hound, setter;" see brach).

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