[ frey-gruhn-see ]
/ ˈfreɪ grən si /
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noun, plural fra·gran·cies.
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Origin of fragrancy

First recorded in 1570–80
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What does fragrancy mean?

Fragrancy is a much less common word for fragrance—a pleasant scent, especially a somewhat strong one. Fragrancy is especially associated with flowers.

The scent of something that smells good is typically called a fragrance or an aroma, while the scent of something that smells bad is typically called an odor. However, fragrance is sometimes used in a somewhat ironic or humorous way to refer to a scent that is strong and not good, as in There’s a strange fragrance coming from the leftovers in the fridge.

In the same way, the related adjective fragrant is most commonly used to describe things that have a strong, pleasant scent, as in These flowers are so fragrant. However, the word can also be used in a somewhat ironic or humorous way, as in Your socks are a bit fragrant.

Fragrancy can also be used to refer to the quality of being fragrant, as in This plant food claims to increase the flowers’ level of fragrancy. 

The word fragrance can also refer to a perfume or cologne, as in We have a wide selection of fragrances, but fragrancy is not used this way.

Example: I always look forward to springtime, when the fragrancy of freshly bloomed flowers is in the air.

Where does fragrancy come from?

The first records of the word fragrancy come from the 1570s—almost 100 years before the first records of fragrance, which has since become far more popular. Both words come from the Latin frāgrantia, from the verb frāgrāre, meaning “to smell sweet.”

Fragrancy usually refers to a sweet or pleasant smell, especially flowers and perfume. The word can refer to the scent of a delicious-smelling food, but the word aroma is more commonly used in that context.

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How is fragrancy used in real life?

Fragrancy is much less commonly used than fragrance, which usually means the same thing.



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