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[ frey-gruhns ]


  1. the quality of being fragrant; a sweet or pleasing scent.
  2. perfume, cologne, toilet water, or the like.


/ ˈfreɪɡrəns /


  1. a pleasant or sweet odour; scent; perfume
  2. the state of being fragrant

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fragrance1

First recorded in 1660–70; from French, from Late Latin frāgrantia. See fragrant, -ance

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Synonym Study

See perfume.

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Example Sentences

A simple candle-making kit lets you add your own fragrances, so you can get closer to the ones you miss by mimicking their favorite perfume or a place where you spent time together.

So when the duo joined forces on November 30 an unexpected fragrance collection inspired by the universe far, far away, we were definitely intrigued.

These kinds of dishes require whole cardamom pods to be added to the braising liquid, where they release their heady, floral fragrance.

Our top-performing businesses right now are men’s footwear, men’s sportswear, women’s footwear, leather goods, fragrances.

From Fortune

The actress and former ESSENCE cover star is the face of Profumo di Fiori, the newest fragrance in the Gucci Bloom collection.

L'Etoile is the country's largest fragrance chain with over 750 stores.

The flowers and grass exhaled a fragrance which troubled me.

Musmanno ended the interview by asking Clinton what scent he wears (it was, after all, a Fragrance Foundation event).

The fragrance concept is about female empowerment and finding the inner strength that makes women so beautiful.

The fragrance, which will be available in February, is described as an "intoxicating, addictive luminous floral."

The grass had a delightful fragrance, like new-mown hay, and was neatly wound around the tunnel, like the inside of a bird's-nest.

Not a zephyr ruffled the leaf of a rose, and a soft breathing fragrance bathed his reposing senses.

Vases of flowers diffused their fragrance and expanded their beauty where flowers were never seen to bloom before.

The taller buried her face for a moment in the red Jaqueminots and drank in their fragrance.

I frequently used to visit the plantations of nutmegs and cloves, and refresh myself with their balsamic fragrance.


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More About Fragrance

What does fragrance mean?

A fragrance is a pleasant scent, especially a somewhat strong one. Fragrance is especially associated with flowers.

The scent of something that smells good is typically called a fragrance or an aroma, while the scent of something that smells bad is typically called an odor. However, fragrance is sometimes used in a somewhat ironic or humorous way to refer to a scent that is strong and not good, as in There’s a strange fragrance coming from the leftovers in the fridge.

In the same way, the related adjective fragrant is most commonly used to describe things that have a strong, pleasant scent, as in These flowers are so fragrant. However, the word can also be used in a somewhat ironic or humorous way, as in Your socks are a bit fragrant.  

The word fragrance can also be used to refer to the quality of being fragrant, as in This plant food claims to increase the flowers’ level of fragrance. 

Fragrance can also refer to a perfume or cologne, as in We have a wide selection of fragrances. The word is especially used this way in the marketing of perfumes.

Example: I always look forward to springtime, when the fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers is in the air.

Where does fragrance come from?

The first records of the word fragrance come from the 1660s. It comes from the Latin frāgrantia, from the verb frāgrāre, meaning “to smell sweet.”

Fragrance usually refers to a sweet or pleasant smell, especially flowers and perfume. The word fragrance can refer to the scent of a delicious-smelling food, but the word aroma is perhaps more commonly used in that context. Calling a bad smell a fragrance is usually done to be funny. Calling a perfume a fragrance is often done to make it sound fancy, though the word may be used for more practical reasons. For example, fragrance sale is easier to say than perfume and cologne sale. 

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How is fragrance used in real life?

Fragrance is most often used in the context of flowers, perfumes, and other things that smell nice.



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