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[ fresh-er ]


, British Slang.


/ ˈfrɛʃə; ˈfrɛʃmən /


  1. a first-year student at college or university

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fresher1

First recorded in 1880–85; fresh(man) + -er 1

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Example Sentences

A little extra effort in the evening makes for a fresher start the next day.

And, users of the Google Search Console API received access to fresher data as well as the ability to query, add, and delete their sitemaps on domain properties.

A year ago last September, Google brought faster and fresher data to the Google Search Console performance reports.

They are savvy about the digital world and can see things from a fresher perspective.

From Fortune

This technique, called hangdogging, lets you feel out the moves with fresher arms and a cooler head.

I needed to jump out of the show, into this, and back into that; it helped both things be fresher.

Here are five expert-approved tactics that are guaranteed to make you feel like a better, fresher version of yourself.

Entrepreneurial churn at a large newspaper keeps institutions fresher and individual talents nimbler.

Presumably a fresher poll conducted entirely post-deal will yield somewhat better numbers.

Just what was "younger and fresher" about the Germans is unclear.

I wish I had put this down when it was fresher in my mind, it was so interesting an interview.

"Sorry that I could not have treated you to fresher puns," retorted Clifford, laughingly.

Here the air was fresher and more bracing, so that the depressing effect of the gloomy forest was soon thrown off.

Is this the rose fresher than the morning dew, the miracle of beauty that has come from the rind of a citron?

The air of the planet of the Lorens grew warmer and fresher.


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