or friend·a·ve·rsa·ry

[ fren-duh-vur-suh-ree ]


, Informal.
, plural friend·i·ver·sa·ries.
  1. the yearly recurrence of the date that two or more people first became friends:

    Next Thursday is our third friendiversary!

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Word History and Origins

Origin of friendiversary1

First recorded in 2000–05; friend ( def ) + (ann)iversary ( def )


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More About Friendiversary

What does friendiversary mean?

A friendiversary is the anniversary of when two or more people became friends.

An anniversary is the celebration of a certain date every year. It is most commonly applied to romantic relationships to mark the date on which two people got married or started dating. A friendiversary is basically the same thing as an anniversary, except that it’s for friends instead of a romantic couple. It is sometimes spelled friendaversary.

Example: I just got a notification that our friendiversary is next week! We need to make plans!

Where does friendiversary come from?

The first records of the word friendiversary come from the early 2000s. The rise of the term coincided with the explosion in popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites, especially thanks to features that remind two users when they first officially became friends on the site.

Such features make it easy to share old photos or compilation videos of all the times the two friends have documented spending time together. And so it became a way of publicly celebrating friendship, in much the same way that people post about their anniversary with a romantic partner. And as the word friendiversary became more well-known, some people took the celebration offline and into real life. Friends celebrate their friendiversary in many of the same ways that couples celebrate their anniversary, though perhaps a little more informally—going out to dinner or a movie or treating themselves in some other way. In most cases, people who celebrate a friendiversary are best friends or very good friends.

Although the idea of celebrating a friendiversary may seem silly to some people, a lot of people think it’s a positive trend that helps people recognize the importance of strong friendships.

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What are some other forms of friendiversary?

  • friendaversary (alternate spelling)

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How is friendiversary used in real life?

Friendiversary is used very informally. While most people simply use the term when posting about it on social media, others use it to refer to an IRL celebration with their bestie.



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Is friendiversary used correctly in the following sentence?

Sheila and Robin celebrated their 13th friendiversary at the same restaurant where they met and became friends.




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