or ga路rote, ga路rotte, gar路rotte

[ guh-rot, -roht ]
/ g蓹藞r蓲t, -藞ro蕣t /
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a method of capital punishment of Spanish origin in which an iron collar is tightened around a condemned person's neck until death occurs by strangulation or by injury to the spinal column at the base of the brain.
the collarlike instrument used for this method of execution.
strangulation or throttling, especially in the course of a robbery.
an instrument, usually a cord or wire with handles attached at the ends, used for strangling a victim.
verb (used with object), gar路rot路ed, gar路rot路ing.
to execute by the garrote.
to strangle or throttle, especially in the course of a robbery.
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Origin of garrote

1615鈥25; <Spanish garrote or French garrot packing-stick < ?


gar路rot路er, noun
Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 漏 Random House, Inc. 2023


What does garrote mean?

The garrote was a Spanish execution device used to kill someone by strangulation or damage to the spinal cord. Garrote is used to mean strangulation in general or a weapon a person would use to strangle someone.

The execution method known as the garrote involved tightening an iron collar around a person鈥檚 neck until they died. Garrote is also used for the name of the actual device used as part of this type of execution.

Today, the word garrote refers to a weapon used for strangulation, as in Police found a knife and a garrote at the suspect鈥檚 home. A garrote usually takes the form of a length of wire with handles on the ends.

As a verb, garrote is used to mean to kill someone with a garrote or to strangle or throttle someone in general, as in The coroner had determined that the man had been garroted with piano wire.聽聽

A person who strangles or kills someone with a garrote is known as a garroter.

Garrote can also be spelled garrotte or garote.

Example: Mr. Green had determined that the victim was strangled by Prof. Plum with a garrote.聽

Where does garrote come from?

The first records of garrote come from around 1615. It comes from the Spanish garrote, referring to the execution method.

Today, the garrote and other cruel execution devices are illegal in most places. As its Spanish origin hints at, the garotte was used for torture and execution by the Spanish Inquisition. According to Spanish chroniclers, King Philip II of Spain was known to personally order Protestants to be killed with the garotte.

In popular culture, a garrote is a common weapon used by the protagonist Agent 47 of the Hitman series of video games. He is depicted holding a garotte on the cover of the video game Hitman: Blood Money released in 2006.

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What are some other forms related to garotte?

  • garotter (noun)
  • garrotte (alternative spelling)
  • garote (alternative spelling)

What are some synonyms for garotte?

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How is garotte used in real life?

While it is generally against the rules to discuss murder or murder weapons on social media, but garotte is sometimes used in hyperbole or discussions of police work.

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