[ geer-ing ]
/ ˈgɪər ɪŋ /

noun Machinery.

an assembly of parts, especially a train of gears, for transmitting and modifying motion and torque in a machine.
the act or process of equipping with gears.
the method of installation of such gears.

Origin of gearing

First recorded in 1815–25; gear + -ing1

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Origin of gear

1150–1200; Middle English gere < Old Norse gervi, gørvi; akin to Old English gearwe equipment


gear·less, adjectivere·gear, verbun·geared, adjectivewell-geared, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈɡɪərɪŋ) /


an assembly of gears designed to transmit motion
the act or technique of providing gears to transmit motion
Also called: capital gearing accounting, British the ratio of a company's debt capital to its equity capitalUS word: leverage

British Dictionary definitions for gearing (2 of 2)

/ (ɡɪə) /



Derived forms of gear

gearless, adjective

Word Origin for gear

C13: from Old Norse gervi; related to Old High German garawī equipment, Old English gearwe
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Science definitions for gearing

[ gîr ]

A wheel with teeth around its rim that mesh with the teeth of another wheel to transmit motion. Gears are used to transmit power (as in a car transmission) or change the direction of motion in a mechanism (as in a differential axle). Fixed ratios of speed in various parts of a machine is often established by the arrangement of gears.
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see high gear; slip a cog (gear).

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