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  1. Informal. a hired hoodlum or thug.
  2. Slang.
    1. a stupid, foolish, or awkward person.
    2. a roughneck.
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Origin of goon

1920–25; shortened from dial. gooney, variant of obsolete gony a simpleton (< ?); influenced by the comic-strip character Alice the Goon in the series Thimble Theatre by E. C. Segar (1894–1938), American cartoonist
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thug, hooligan, lummox, jerk, dope, ninny, moron, nincompoop, sap, hood, bozo, bruiser, gorilla, strong-arm

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  1. a stupid or deliberately foolish person
  2. US informal a thug hired to commit acts of violence or intimidation, esp in an industrial dispute
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Word Origin for goon

C20: partly from dialect gooney fool, partly after the character Alice the Goon, created by E. C. Segar (1894–1938), American cartoonist


  1. Australian informal cheap wine packaged in casks or boxed
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Word Origin and History for goon


1921, "stupid person," from gony "simpleton" (1580s), of unknown origin, but applied by sailors to the albatross and similar big, clumsy birds (1839); sense of "hired thug" first recorded 1938 (in reference to union "beef squads" used to cow strikers in the Pacific northwest), probably from Alice the Goon, slow-witted and muscular (but gentle-natured) character in "Thimble Theater" comic strip (starring Popeye) by E.C. Segar (1894-1938). She also was the inspiration for British comedian Spike Milligan's "The Goon Show." What are now "juvenile delinquents" were in the 1940s sometimes called goonlets.

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