[ verb gawr-muh n-dahyz; noun gawr-muh n-deez ]
/ verb ˈgɔr mənˌdaɪz; noun ˌgɔr mənˈdiz /

verb (used with or without object), gor·mand·ized, gor·mand·iz·ing.

to eat greedily or ravenously.


Also especially British, gor·mand·ise.

Origin of gormandize

1540–50; < French gourmandise (noun), equivalent to Middle French gourmand gourmand + -ise noun suffix later taken as v. suffix -ize

Related forms

gor·mand·iz·er, noun
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verb (ˈɡɔːmənˌdaɪz)

to eat (food) greedily and voraciously

noun (ˈɡɔːmənˌdiːz)

a less common variant of gourmandise

Derived Forms

gormandizer or gormandiser, noun
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