[ gram-ee ]
/ ˈgræm i /
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noun, plural Gram·mys, Gram·mies.
one of a group of statuettes awarded annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in various categories in the recording industry.
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Origin of Grammy


Emmy, Grammy , Oscar, Tony
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What are the Grammys?

The Grammys is another name for the Grammy Awards, an award ceremony to honor excellence in the music and recording industry.

The statuette awarded to winners is called a Grammy. The plural form Grammys is usually used.

The Grammy Awards are held by the Recording Academy (formally known as the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), whose members include musical artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers.

The Grammy Awards honor winners in many different genres and categories, including pop, dance and electronic, R&B, rap, rock, alternative, country, jazz, gospel, instrumental, Latin, classical, spoken word, comedy, and musical theater, among others. Prominent awards include Album of the Year, Record of the Year (for best recorded track), Song of the Year (for best single song composition), and Best New Artist.

Winning a Grammy is often considered the music industry’s top honor. The Grammys ceremony often features musical performances by some of the nominated artists and others.

When are the Grammys?

The Grammy Awards are usually held early in the year, most commonly in February.

The 2023 Grammys will be held on February 5.

Why are they called the Grammys?

The Grammys get their name from the gramophone—otherwise known as a phonograph or record player. Fittingly, the Grammy statuette is in the shape of a gramophone. The ending of the word is thought to be modeled on the nicknames for other awards, such as the Emmys, and the award show itself is often thought of as the recording industry’s version of ceremonies like the Emmy Awards and the Academy Awards.

The first Grammy Awards ceremony was held in 1959, the year that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences was founded by the heads of major record labels.

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How are the Grammys discussed in real life?

The term Grammys is well-known as the name of the ceremony and the awards presented there. Winning a Grammy is often considered the music industry’s top honor.

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Grammys are only awarded for musical recordings.

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British Dictionary definitions for Grammy

/ (ˈɡræmɪ) /

noun plural -mys or -mies
(in the US) one of the gold-plated discs awarded annually for outstanding achievement in the record industry

Word Origin for Grammy

C20: from gram (ophone) + my as in Emmy
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