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  1. a grating of crossed bars; gridiron.

  2. Electricity.

    • a metallic framework employed in a storage cell or battery for conducting the electric current and supporting the active material.

    • a system of electrical distribution serving a large area, especially by means of high-tension lines.

  1. Electronics. an electrode in a vacuum tube, usually consisting of parallel wires, a coil of wire, or a screen, for controlling the flow of electrons between the other electrodes.

  2. Surveying. a basic system of reference lines for a region, consisting of straight lines intersecting at right angles.

  3. a network of horizontal and perpendicular lines, uniformly spaced, for locating points on a map, chart, or aerial photograph by means of a system of coordinates.

  4. Architecture. a rectangular system of coordinates used in locating the principal elements of a plan.

  5. Football. gridiron (def. 1).

Idioms about grid

  1. off grid. See off-grid. : Also off the grid .

Origin of grid

First recorded in 1830–40; short for gridiron

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British Dictionary definitions for grid


/ (ɡrɪd) /

  1. a network of horizontal and vertical lines superimposed over a map, building plan, etc, for locating points

  1. a grating consisting of parallel bars

  2. the grid the national network of transmission lines, pipes, etc, by which electricity, gas, or water is distributed

  3. NZ short for national grid

  4. Also called: control grid electronics

    • an electrode situated between the cathode and anode of a valve usually consisting of a cylindrical mesh of wires, that controls the flow of electrons between cathode and anode: See also screen grid, suppressor grid

    • (as modifier): the grid bias

  5. a plate in an accumulator that carries the active substance

  6. any interconnecting system of links: the bus service formed a grid across the country

  7. Northern English dialect word for face

Origin of grid

C19: back formation from gridiron

Derived forms of grid

  • gridded, adjective

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