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[ grahyn-der ]


  1. a person or thing that grinds.
  2. a kitchen device or appliance for grinding food.
  3. a sharpener of tools.
  4. a molar tooth.
  5. Chiefly New England and Inland North. hero sandwich.
  6. grinders, Informal. the teeth.


/ ˈɡraɪndə /


  1. a person who grinds, esp one who grinds cutting tools
  2. a machine for grinding
  3. a molar tooth

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Word History and Origins

Origin of grinder1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English; grind + -er 1
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Example Sentences

Baristas and javaheads alike agree that one of the keys to a perfect cup of joe is using fresh, uniformly ground beans, and to get those, you need the best coffee grinder.

Circular saws and angle grinders can be bulky and difficult to stash in a junk drawer.

If you’re looking for a gravel grinder, take Gotier Trace Road from Bastrop State Park, then veer onto Antioch Road toward the town of Paige.

This tool could be a game-changer, but buying a small air compressor that is too weak to power your angle grinder or paint sprayer will cause more irritation than elation.

With her college closed, Dyar appealed to a retired mineral collector who had special saws and grinders in his basement to do the job.

The biggest con: Washington is a merciless meat-grinder of a place that ends as many political careers as it launches.

Elizabeth becomes the grade grinder, Marianna the party girl, and Howard the bully.

And of course if you do have arthritis or other problems that make it hard to use a traditional grinder, this is a huge help.

Even if you have a burr grinder, however, these are great for grinding spices.

I do not recommend the meat grinder, which we tried, to terrible, terrible effect.

"It's the organ grinder accent all right," Gatti said in a barely audible voice.

The distant screech of the grinder was muffled and not unpleasant.

The Grinder had left this paper with his mother, and she had written letters to him from it.

Hans stood looking on for a while, and at last said, 'You must be well off, master grinder!

I make good progress, I can say; but the difficulty is great enough to discourage any but a real "grinder" at such work.


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