1. gas turbine ship.


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What else does GTS mean?​

In gaming, GTS can stand for Global Trading System, a feature included in Pokémon, or the racing game Gran Turismo Sport. In internet slang, GTS sometimes stands for go/get to sleep or google that shit.

How is GTS pronounced?

[ jee-tee-es ]

What are other forms of GTS?


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Where does GTS come from?

The Global Trading System, or GTS for short, was first launched as part of Pokémon’s Generation IV series in April 2007. The GTS allows players to exchange their Pokémon characters across the globe, similar to exchanging the game’s playing cards.

The Playstation racing game series Gran Turismo first launched in 1997. Its 13th game is Gran Turismo Sport, commonly referred to as GTS and released in 2017.

The initialism GTS has stood for many other things, such as Guess That Song, referring to various games where lyrics are used to guess what song someone is singing or referencing.

GTS was entered as google that shit (“look  it up on Google”) on Urban Dictionary in 2006. GTS also popped up as forms of go to sleep in 2007.

How is GTS used in real life?

Online, GTS may be posted to express various sleep—or search engine—sentiments.

Avid gamers who hear the letters GTS may immediately associate it with Pokémon or the Playstation-exclusive Gran Turismo franchise.

More examples of GTS:

“Right now, the GTS—Pokémon’s online system, which allows players around the world to trade monsters with each other—is a mess.”

—Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku, December 2014