[ hed-luhnd ]
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  1. a promontory extending into a large body of water.

  2. a strip of unplowed land at the ends of furrows or near a fence or border.

Origin of headland

before 1000; Middle English hedeland,Old English hēafodland.See head, land

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How to use headland in a sentence

  • The night paled; the Trwyn light went out; and off the headland a seal disported itself in the icy sea.

    Mushroom Town | Oliver Onions
  • To the south was a headland, which our skipper informed us was the north end of Amelia Island.

    In the Wilds of Florida | W.H.G. Kingston
  • From the ancient fort on the headland to the Casa Blanca and the city beyond, it was a progression of delicious sights and sounds.

British Dictionary definitions for headland


  1. (ˈhɛdlənd) a narrow area of land jutting out into a sea, lake, etc

  2. (ˈhɛdˌlænd) a strip of land along the edge of an arable field left unploughed to allow space for machines

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