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[ hed-stohn ]


  1. a stone marker set at the head heads of a grave; gravestone.


/ ˈhɛdˌstəʊn /


  1. a memorial stone at the head of a grave
  2. architect another name for keystone

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Word History and Origins

Origin of headstone1

First recorded in 1525–35; head + stone

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Example Sentences

Chunks of concrete and large field stones lie about — a common grave marker for people who couldn’t afford headstones, archaeologists say.

They find Jaguar’s grave along the cemetery’s main road, amid a sea of other headstones inscribed with the names of people who fought in conflicts many decades ago.

From Time

The tears are still there, but now I see the flowers laid on the headstones and am grateful for the passing of time.

Alongside headstones honoring fallen Confederate soldiers, little flags flutter in the late spring breeze, each marked with the date when North Carolina seceded from the Union.

While there’s some dispute as to where Johnson is actually buried, a headstone bearing his name and the word “Citizen” in Arlington Cemetery is widely thought to be his final resting place.

From Ozy

“Good bye boys, I die a true American,” were his last words, according to the headstone.

Donations flowed in from around the world, and Spann finally got a headstone—30 years after he died.

But the sight of that headstone made his existence more real to me, made me a little more humble and oddly very joyful.

She was buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery on Sept. 16, 2008, with a headstone saying, “Queen of Pin-Ups.”

Four weeks ago, his family removed his expensive headstone from his grave, pulverized it, and placed the remains in a landfill.

When all other service is vain from plant and tree, the soft Mosses and grey Lichens take up their watch by the headstone.

He sleeps with the undistinguishable multitude, and his headstone is lettered, "Unknown."

Above the coffin on Alderton's headstone is an ornament, apparently palms.

It is found, however, on a headstone of a somewhat weak design in Old Hornsey Churchyard.

Over the headstone presently came the knee pants, the faded calico waist with bone buttons.


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