[ hin-druhns ]
/ ˈhɪn drəns /
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Definition of hindrance

an impeding, stopping, preventing, or the like.
the state of being hindered.
a person or thing that hinders.
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Origin of hindrance

First recorded in 1400–50, hindrance is from the late Middle English word hinderaunce.See hinder1, -ance

synonym study for hindrance

3. See obstacle.
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What does hindrance mean?

A hindrance is something that hinders—makes it harder for something to happen or be done or for someone to do something.

Hindrance is most commonly used in the context of progress, tasks, work, or other things that involve the completion of a goal. Hindrances delay, interrupt, or slow down progress. The words obstacle and impediment are very similar.

Hindrances are usually things, such as events or circumstances, but a person can be considered a hindrance, such as when they hinder someone else’s progress or work by interrupting them, getting in their way, or putting obstacles in their way.

Although the verb hinder can also mean to completely prevent or stop something from happening, hindrances are usually temporary obstacles.

Hindrance can also refer to the act of hindering or the state of being hindered.

Example: Don’t let one failure be a hindrance to your goals.

Where does hindrance come from?

The first records of the word hindrance come from the 1400s. Its base word, hinder, comes from the Old English hindrian, meaning “to hold back.” The suffice -ance is used to form nouns.

A hindrance is something that holds you back, blocks you, or makes what you’re doing more difficult. Heavy rain can be a hindrance to your ability to see clearly when driving. Distractions are a hindrance to getting work done efficiently. In sports, it’s often the goal of a defender to be a hindrance to their opponents in their attempts to score. Still, in most cases, a hindrance is something that delays something from happening or makes it more difficult—not stops it completely.

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How is hindrance used in real life?

Hindrance is usually used in the context of progress that has been delayed or goals that have been made more difficult by certain obstacles.


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British Dictionary definitions for hindrance

/ (ˈhɪndrəns) /

an obstruction or snag; impediment
the act of hindering; prevention
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