or hom·ey

[ hoh-mee ]
/ ˈhoʊ mi /
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noun Slang.
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Origin of homie

First recorded in 1940–45; by shortening and alteration
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What does homie mean?

Homie is a slang term for a close friend.

It can be used to refer to a friend, as in This is my homie Russel, or as a term of address for one, as in Hey, homie! 

Homie is sometimes spelled homey. It’s a shortened version of homeboy or homegirl, which are gender-specific but mean the same thing.

These terms are all associated with urban and hip hop culture and are primarily used by members of African American and Latinx communities in the U.S.

They commonly refer to a close friend who’s from the same neighborhood. In some cases, the words are used to refer to a fellow gang member. However, the terms have entered mainstream use and usually simply refer to a close friend.

Homie is frequently used with a possessive pronoun, as in my homie. 

Example: I’m having a night out with just me and my homies.

Where does homie come from?

The first records of the word homie in its modern sense come from the 1900s. It’s thought to be a shortened version of homeboy.

The word homeboy is first recorded much earlier, in the 1800s, but it didn’t acquire its modern sense until later in the 1900s. Both terms started to gain in popularity after the 1960s.

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What are some other forms related to homie?

  • homey (alternate spelling)
  • homies (plural)

What are some synonyms for homie?

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How is homie used in real life?

Homie is a slang term that’s always used informally. It’s primarily used by members of the African American and Latinx community. It’s also commonly spelled as homey.


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British Dictionary definitions for homie

/ (ˈhəʊmɪ) /

slang, mainly US short for homeboy or homegirlSee homeboy
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