[ hos-tl-er ]


  1. a person who operates a hostel.
  2. a person who stays at a hostel or goes hosteling.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hosteler1

1250–1300; Middle English; hostel, -er 2; akin to Old French hostelier

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Example Sentences

"Yea," quoth this hosteler, and shewed him all the hole circumstaunce, what was both sayde and thought on him for the thing.


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More About Hosteler

What is a hosteler?

A hosteler is someone who runs a hostel, which is an inexpensive, communal lodging place for travelers, often young adults.

A hosteler is also someone who stays in a hostel, as in To afford her tour of Europe, Ursula traveled as a hosteler.

While someone staying at a hostel for just one night is still called a hosteler, the term usually refers to someone who frequently stays at hostels or is traveling a country, moving from hostel to hostel. Typically, hostelers are young adults, because hostels began as inexpensive housing for youth traveling by foot or bike, but hostels have since evolved to be for all ages in some countries.

Example: A few of the hostelers said that the air conditioning keeps going out.

Where does hosteler come from?

The first records of the term hosteler come from around the 1200s. It ultimately comes from the Old French ostelier.

Hostels are inexpensive typically because they don’t offer a lot of amenities, such as private bedrooms and private showers. Travelers may need to cook their own meals and make their own beds, as well. Hostels are usually located in rural areas or near scenic areas and can be spaced so that a traveler can walk or bike to the next hostel in about a day.

Hosteler can also refer to a student who lives in a dormitory at an English university. The residence halls at many universities in the United Kingdom are referred to as hostels.

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How is hosteler used in real life?

Hosteler is most often used in reference to travelers who go on long journeys, making stops at hostels.


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A hosteler is someone who hops from hotel to hotel.