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[ hahy-jeen ]


  1. Also the science that deals with the preservation of health.
  2. a condition or practice conducive to the preservation of health, as cleanliness:

    Poor personal hygiene can lead to health issues such as skin infections.

    Mental hygiene in children should be constantly monitored by parents and teachers.

  3. a beneficial or recommended practice or set of practices (used in combination):

    Using the same password on all of your important accounts is simply not good password hygiene.


/ ˈhaɪdʒiːn /


  1. Also calledhygienics the science concerned with the maintenance of health
  2. clean or healthy practices or thinking

    personal hygiene

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hygiene1

First recorded in 1590–1600; from French hygiène, from New Latin hygieina, from Greek hygieinḕ (téchnē) “healthful (art),” feminine of hygieinós “healthful,” equivalent to hygiḗ(s) “healthy” + -inos -ine 1

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hygiene1

C18: from New Latin hygiēna, from Greek hugieinē, from hugiēs healthy

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Example Sentences

There is an awareness of hygiene, and how viruses and vaccines work.

From Fortune

Modern Japan is famed for its attention to cleanliness and personal hygiene.

From Fortune

Judges for the competition, which is split into “traditional” and “specialty” categories, are mostly recruited from the culinary industry, and rank each bowl by color, texture, hygiene, and taste.

From Eater

Then those schools paid strict attention to social distancing, wearing masks and hygiene, including handwashing and frequent cleaning of classrooms.

Flushing a toilet or urinal has always posed some kind of hygiene risk, as the action creates an interaction between gas and air.

From Fortune

Prisoners are given uniforms, towels and basic hygiene kits upon intake, but forced to purchase just about everything else.

It became something both for the hygiene of the couch and the patient.

She opens them to show diapers, baby food, hygiene products, and clothing.

The app supports multiple users on any one profile so families can monitor all of their important oral hygiene info in one place.

In countries with rampant poverty, disposable hygiene products are a luxury.

Incidental features of sex hygiene will arise naturally from physical education and can be adequately treated there.

In 1764 he published Economical and Medical Observations, which contained suggestions for improving the hygiene of army hospitals.

Neither physiology nor hygiene can be of much value in the schools, as a study, unless there is an application of what is taught.

We're not a couple of boarding-school misses fresh from a course of hygiene lectures.

Attention to proper feeding and hygiene is of first importance.


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More About Hygiene

What does hygiene mean?

Hygiene is a collection of practices to promote and preserve health, or a condition involving the use of such practices.

In its most popular sense, hygiene refers to habitual actions that help you stay physically healthy, such as washing your hands and brushing your teeth. This sense of the word is especially used in phrases like personal hygiene and good hygiene. Personal hygiene is closely associated with cleanliness.

Hygiene can also be applied to one’s mental well-being—mental hygiene is the practice of trying to maintain mental health through proactive behavior and treatment.

The word hygiene is also used to refer to the science that deals with preserving health—both of individuals and the general public. Another word for this is hygienics.

The adjective hygienic can mean related to or involving hygiene, promoting good health, or sanitary.

Example: Washing your hands is the easiest way to improve your personal hygiene.

Where does hygiene come from?

The first records of the word hygiene come from the late 1500s. It ultimately comes from the Greek hygiḗ(s), meaning “healthy.” The suffix -ine means “pertaining to.”

Hygiene pertains to healthiness in all of its forms. Physical hygiene begins with cleanliness, and mental hygiene can also be thought of the range of methods for keeping your mind clean. Hygiene is often used in phrases like hygiene routine or hygiene regimen, both of which refer to the fact that such practices work best when they’re done regularly.

As a science, hygiene involves the study of methods for maintaining health and cleanliness on a large scale.

Hygiene can also be used figuratively, such as in phrases like cyber hygiene and internet hygiene—referring to the practice of protecting internet-connected devices from viruses (like how good physical hygiene protects from you from actual viruses).

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Hygiene is most commonly discussed in the context of personal hygiene, but it’s other senses are also commonly used.



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