[ hahy-jeen ]
/ ˈhaɪ dʒin /


Also hygienics. the science that deals with the preservation of health.
a condition or practice conducive to the preservation of health, as cleanliness.

Origin of hygiene

1590–1600; < French hygiène < New Latin hygieina < Greek hygieinḕ (téchnē) healthful (art), feminine of hygieinós healthful, equivalent to hygiḗ(s) healthy + -inos -ine1
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British Dictionary definitions for hygiene


/ (ˈhaɪdʒiːn) /


Also called: hygienics the science concerned with the maintenance of health
clean or healthy practices or thinkingpersonal hygiene

Word Origin for hygiene

C18: from New Latin hygiēna, from Greek hugieinē, from hugiēs healthy
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Medicine definitions for hygiene


[ hījēn′ ]


The science that deals with the promotion and preservation of health.hygienics
The conditions and practices that serve to promote or preserve health, as those followed for personal hygiene.

Related forms

hy•gienist (hī-jēnĭst, hī-jĕnĭst) n.
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