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verb (used with object), im·mo·bi·lized, im·mo·bi·liz·ing.
  1. to make immobile or immovable; fix in place.
  2. to prevent the use, activity, or movement of: The hurricane immobilized the airlines.
  3. to deprive of the capacity for mobilization: The troops were immobilized by the enemy.
  4. Medicine/Medical. to prevent, restrict, or reduce normal movement in (the body, a limb, or a joint), as by a splint, cast, or prescribed bed rest.
  5. to render (an opponent's strategy) ineffective; stymie.
  6. Finance.
    1. to establish a monetary reserve by withdrawing (specie) from circulation.
    2. to create fixed capital in place of (circulating capital).
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Also especially British, im·mo·bi·lise.

Origin of immobilize

1870–75; immobile + -ize; see mobilize and compare French immobiliser
Related formsim·mo·bi·li·za·tion, nounim·mo·bi·liz·er, noun
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Related Words for immobilize

paralyze, debilitate, shatter, incapacitate, impair, cripple, mutilate, mangle, disarm, clog, shackle, restrain, invalidate, harm, hamstring, enfeeble, unfit, enervate, sap, hock

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Historical Examples of immobilize

  • You immobilize the elevators—think what that would mean in lower and midtown Manhattan alone.

    Day of the Moron

    Henry Beam Piper

  • The latter clawed and bit with a fury which suggested Togi intended to immobilize that weapon by tearing it to shreds.

    Storm Over Warlock

    Andre Norton

  • Braces and other mechanical appliances intended to immobilize the parts are not of practical benefit in the horse.

    Lameness of the Horse

    John Victor Lacroix

  • The other part was that he could kill or immobilize anybody in the world—or everybody—from any distance.

    The Mightiest Man

    Patrick Fahy

  • Certain cases resisting such procedures are best treated with a plaster of Paris cast to immobilize the part for several months.

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verb (tr)
  1. to make or become immobileto immobilize a car
  2. finance
    1. to remove (specie) from circulation and hold it as a reserve
    2. to convert (circulating capital) into fixed capital
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Derived Formsimmobilization or immobilisation, nounimmobilizer or immobiliser, noun
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Word Origin and History for immobilize


1843, from immobile + -ize. Cf. French immobiliser (1835). Related: Immobilized; immobilizing.

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immobilize in Medicine


  1. To render immobile.
  2. To fix the position of a joint or fractured limb, as with a splint or cast.
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Related formsim•mo′bi•li•zation (-lĭ-zāshən) n.
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