[ verb im-pur-suh-neyt; adjective im-pur-suh-nit ]
/ verb 瑟m藞p蓽r s蓹藢ne瑟t; adjective 瑟m藞p蓽r s蓹 n瑟t /
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verb (used with object), im路per路son路at路ed, im路per路son路at路ing.
to assume the character or appearance of; pretend to be: He was arrested for impersonating a police officer.
to mimic the voice, mannerisms, etc., of (a person) in order to entertain.
to act or play the part of; personate.
Archaic. to represent in personal or bodily form; personify; typify.
adjective Archaic or Literary.
embodied in a person; invested with personality.
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Origin of impersonate

First recorded in 1615鈥25; im-1 + person + -ate1

OTHER WORDS FROM impersonate

im路per路son路a路tion [im-pur-suh-ney-shuhn], /瑟m藢p蓽r s蓹藞ne瑟 蕛蓹n/, noun
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How to use impersonate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for impersonate

/ (瑟m藞p蓽藧s蓹藢ne瑟t) /

verb (tr)
to pretend to be (another person)
to imitate the character, mannerisms, etc, of (another person)
rare to play the part or character of
an archaic word for personify

Derived forms of impersonate

impersonation, nounimpersonator, noun
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