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[ im-plis-it ]
/ ɪmˈplɪs ɪt /


implied, rather than expressly stated: implicit agreement.
unquestioning or unreserved; absolute: implicit trust; implicit obedience; implicit confidence.
potentially contained (usually followed by in): to bring out the drama implicit in the occasion.
Mathematics. (of a function) having the dependent variable not explicitly expressed in terms of the independent variables, as x2 + y2 = 1.Compare explicit(def 6).
Obsolete. entangled.


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Origin of implicit

1590–1600; < Latin implicitus involved, obscure, variant past participle of implicāre. See implicate, -ite2
Related formsim·plic·it·ly, adverbim·plic·it·ness, im·plic·i·ty, nounun·im·plic·it·ly, adverb
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Examples from the Web for implicity

  • The signs never fail, yet there is such a thing as trusting them too implicity.

    Bizarre|Lawton Mackall
  • Can it be that Christianity, in which she so implicity believes, has anything to do with this perfect peace?

    The Actress' Daughter|May Agnes Fleming
  • Some believed in it so implicity that they saw in every experiment a hundred things which they did not see.

    Vikram and the Vampire|Richard F. Burton

British Dictionary definitions for implicity


/ (ɪmˈplɪsɪt) /


not explicit; implied; indirectthere was implicit criticism in his voice
absolute and unreserved; unquestioningyou have implicit trust in him
(when postpositive, foll by in) contained or inherentto bring out the anger implicit in the argument
maths (of a function) having an equation of the form f(x,y) = 0, in which y cannot be directly expressed in terms of x, as in xy + x ² + y ³ x ² = 0Compare explicit 1 (def. 4)
obsolete intertwined
Derived Formsimplicitly, adverbimplicitness or implicity, noun

Word Origin for implicit

C16: from Latin implicitus, variant of implicātus interwoven; see implicate
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Word Origin and History for implicity


1590s, from Middle French implicite and directly from Latin implicitus, later variant of implicatus, past participle of implicare (see implication).

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