[ verb im-preg-neyt, im-preg-neyt; adjective im-preg-nit, -neyt ]
/ verb 瑟m藞pr蓻g ne瑟t, 藞瑟m pr蓻g藢ne瑟t; adjective 瑟m藞pr蓻g n瑟t, -ne瑟t /
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verb (used with object), im路preg路nat路ed, im路preg路nat路ing.
to make pregnant; cause to be with child or young.
to cause to be permeated or saturated with a substance: To relieve cold and flu symptoms, impregnate a handkerchief with oils of eucalyptus and mint and inhale its scent.
to fill the interstices, openings, or cells of (a fine network, or the like) with a substance: The stainless steel housing contains a ceramic honeycomb impregnated with platinum, rhodium, and palladium.
to infuse or imbue with some quality or element: Picasso鈥檚 later paintings are impregnated with a certain melancholy.The air was pleasantly impregnated with the odor of pines.
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Origin of impregnate

First recorded in 1535鈥45; from Late Latin impraegn膩tus, past participle of impraegn膩re 鈥渢o fertilize, impregnate,鈥 equivalent to im- im-1 + praegn-, stem of praegn膩s, variant of praegn膩ns (stem praegnant-) 鈥減regnant, with child鈥 + -膩tus past participle suffix; see origin at pregnant1, -ate1


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How to use impregnate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for impregnate


verb (藞瑟mpr蓻伞藢ne瑟t) (tr)
to saturate, soak, or infuseto impregnate a cloth with detergent
to imbue or permeate; pervade
to cause to conceive; make pregnant
to fertilize (an ovum)
to make (land, soil, etc) fruitful
adjective (瑟m藞pr蓻伞n瑟t, -藢ne瑟t)
pregnant or fertilized

Derived forms of impregnate

impregnation, nounimpregnator, noun

Word Origin for impregnate

C17: from Late Latin impraegn膩re to make pregnant, from Latin im- in- 虏 + praegnans pregnant
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