[ im-pyuh-duhnt ]
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  1. of, relating to, or characterized by impertinence or effrontery: The student was kept late for impudent behavior.

  2. Obsolete. shameless or brazenly immodest.

Origin of impudent

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English from Latin impudent- (stem of impudēns ) “shameless,” equivalent to im- im-2 + pud- (base of pudēre “to feel shame”; cf. pudendum) + -ent- -ent

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1. See impertinent.

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Other words from impudent

  • im·pu·dent·ly, adverb
  • im·pu·dent·ness, noun

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/ (ˈɪmpjʊdənt) /

  1. mischievous, impertinent, or disrespectful

  2. an obsolete word for immodest

Derived forms of impudent

  • impudently, adverb
  • impudentness, noun

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